For 15 years the question that we are asked most often after "What kind of camera do you use?", is "Can you do that with some of my images?".  Starting in 2011 Barloga studios started accepting contract work on a project by project basis for those seeking the highest quality, most unique artwork presentations.  Fabric tapestries, pillows, printed aluminum, plexiglass, framed prints,canvas... our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Why us?

There are hundreds of companies that can frame prints and print and stretch canvas.  Although we can do those things, that is not what makes us special.  We approach each project with an open, creative mind.  Our objective is to help you move your artistic vision from concept to reality.  Our goal is to help you achieve that "Wow.  how did they do that?" reaction that we have been getting from our products for years.  

We are a small company with large capabilities.  This, coupled by the fact that we produce everything domestically, keeps minimums low and turn around times fast.


conceptual / creative design: facilitating the conveyance of your artistic vision from concept to final form by using supplied artwork, artwork that we create to your specifications, or artwork obtained from a third party.

digital printing: all types on paper, fabric, canvas, wallpaper, vinyl, wood, acrylic, aluminum, and just about any other flat substrate imaginable

finishing: print bagging and tubing,laminating, mounting to any substrate, coating, canvas stretching and all types of print matting and framing

alternative finishing: cut & sew, vinyl cutting, production woodworking, CNC cutting of substrates to elaborate shapes, carving xyz axis.

Fulfillment / Warehousing:  packing and shipping small and large quantity orders via FED EX, UPS, or Motor Line. Drop shipping. Full warehousing capabilities for storage of product.

We have worked with Museums, department stores, mail order catalogs, and architecture/design firms.  We are always open to discussing your idea.  While there may be larger contract manufacturers out there, our mix of creativity, service, and production capability is second to none.