print and frame info


NEPALESE HANDMADE PAPER - This paper continues to be the favorite for those seeking the most unique "old world" look.  Each sheet differs slightly in weight, color, and squareness ensuring that no two pieces are the same.  We print color, black and white, and toned prints on this paper with outstanding results.  Finished prints on this paper look great in either the shadowbox or acrylic enclosure.

ENGLISH WATERCOLOR PAPER - Although not a true handmade paper, we treat it as such because of its hefty presence, texture, and beautifully water-deckled edges.  This bright white paper is perfect for those trying to bridge the gap between traditional and modern and works great for a lighter, brighter feel.


Our Japanese Kozo paper is made from the renewable branches of the Mulberry bush.  Using only the innermost bark, the finished Kozo has a light,airy feel and has a velvety, suede-like finish. Kozo has an amazingly high strength to weight ratio and it is known for its durability.  We customize or kozo in different colorways:

KOZO-AMATE  Our Kozo-Amate colorway has visual look somewhere between petrified wood and bark. Very subtle wrinkles and creases give it a weathered, time-worn appearance.  It very much looks like something you would find in a collectors attic.  We love Kozo-Amate on just about every natural subject

KOZO-MALDIVES - With subtly mixed tones of blue, green, aqua, and teal our Kozo-Maldives colorway was inspired by the shallow waters of the worlds finest beaches.  Very subtle wrinkles and creases give it a weathered, time-worn appearance. While developed with our "of the sea" portfolios in mind it also looks great with simple natural subjects like ferns and natural forms.  All Kozo-Maldives prints will have a ghost white image over the background.



size  paper type print only size size in shadowbox size in acrylic enclosure
small handmade, kozo 9x14 15x20 14x19
small english watercolor 9x14 15x20 14x19
standard handmade, kozo 20x30 27x37 24x34
standard english watercolor 22x30 29x37 24x34


We can enclose your favorite handmade paper print in a finely crafted shadowbox.  Each Shadowbox is made from archival materials featuring wood frame, acid-free liner, and image clear acrylic.  Our standard combinations are:



Our acrylic enclosures let our print stand front and center with minimal interference between art and viewer.  Each flame polished enclosure features two pieces of 3/8" crystal clear acrylic bound by decorative nickel or brass cap nut fasteners.  Hanger is concealed on the back piece of acrylic and each piece requires only a single screw to hang.
Note that small acrylic enclosures feature four fasteners and medium enclosures have six fasteners.